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API Developer Needed?

Posted on July 1, 2013 by Andy Jones

As I work on my 18th and 19th integration, I'm beginning to realize how INSANELY hard some of these APIs can be. If you're looking for help with implementing or integrating a website API with your project, please contact me. Most likely I can point you in the right direction, if not help outright. 

For the technically minded, I've run into many idiosyncrasies. I won't name names, but among them are: XML for the post body, except when we don't use it for search, so make OAuth work accordingly; documentation completely wrong; function accepts 6 or 8 arguments, exactly in order, nothing else works; OAuth access token expires with no method for renewal; paging starts at page 0, whups we mean 1; useless error messages; wrong examples; and, oh yes, we have an app approval process where we may forget about you. 

Having the ability to work with any 1 website API represents a good deal of domain knowledge. Kudos to anyone who has integrated Twitter, Quickbooks, Infusionsoft, Stripe, or Twilio for any of their projects, work, or websites. I hold great appreciation for the work that goes into that. 

Working with 20+ APIs? While the concepts of a RESTful API and uniform data representation are in each website API, the implementations are across the board. The most inane decisions cumulatively throw me into fits when trying to integrate with any given website. For example, what should a website do when you click "Not allowed" when asking for permission to connect? From my experience, you may flip a coin on whether the website will direct the user back to my website or do something entirely different that does not involve my website at all. 

If you need help - I'm the person to contact. Please email me at or call at 919-357-5565. Since I've been most of my implementations from the ground up for more control, I have a great deal of power and flexibility when adapting my work toward a specific application. 

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