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Five9 add number to call lists

Posted on April 1, 2014 by Andy Jones

You can now add phone numbers to call lists in Five9 using PipeThru!

The people you call via Five9 may come from many different online sources. Whether the person comes from an online form (such as Wufoo, Formstack, or Gravity Forms), or a signup at EventBrite, or some online order, you may want to call that person for any number of reasons.

You can now automate adding numbers to call lists from these sources. This should save many hours and countless headaches in frustration. You can simply build a pipe in PipeThru so that when a new contact or phone number comes from one of many possible sources, the number is automatically added to the correct call list in Five9. If the list does not exist in your Five9 account, we will create it automatically for you. 

You - our customer - are our greatest source of inspiration. In fact, this feature was prompted by one of our users who needed this exact thing. We're here to help you get data where you need it.

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