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JIRA now implemented

Posted on March 1, 2014 by Andy Jones

We now support JIRA!

I'm happy to announce the support of our second project management tool - JIRA. JIRA is another outstanding software product offered by Atlassian and we're happy to add it to the family of apps that we already support. We offer support for piping issues, projects, and logged work and time. 

One of the coolest abilities that I've seen is the ability to pipe logged work and time into Quickbooks, Freshbooks, FreeAgent, or any of many different online accounting apps. There seems to be a fundamental disconnect between the project management and actually billing for the work and we hope to bridge that gap. We all like getting paid for the work we've completed. Using PipeThru you can easily pipe any logged work into your online accounting app. From there, you can then make beautiful itemized invoices and get paid for the hours you spent. 

Another possiblity is combing JIRA with an online chat software such as Hipchat. Any manager who wanted to roughly keep track of his or her team could pipe any updated issues into Hipchat as an alert to their team's activity. In a virtual office, this could cut down on communication costs and meeting time considerably. 

As always, we are finding many new uses for JIRA and many of our other apps. I can personally see good use by connecting JIRA to a CRM, Google Calendar, or even a more general note tool, such as Trello or Evernote. 

As always, many of our features are driven by customer need and request. If you have trouble, an idea, or just want some help, please reach out to us. We're available at and by phone at 888-404-2904. We'd love to hear from you!

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