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On search strings and keywords

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Andy Jones

I've spent the last week pouring over the search strings and keywords that are used to find PipeThru. A few interesting things pop out at me.

One, the search queries are across the board. There is no one search string that has been generating enormous amounts of traffic. If a couple of keywords were generating lots of traffic, I would drop everything and focus on those. Instead, I see search queries for hundreds of different websites and apps. 

Two, the search queries tend to be of the form "integrate A B" where A and B are any two websites that offer an API. This indicates that people want these services to work together, but don't know what the solutions is. The solution is what I aim to provide at PipeThru. 

Three, the search queries tend to focus on business tools. I categorize the top 3 genres as CRM, project management, and accounting tools. Not in this list is social media. That surprised me. 

All of this together is quite encouraging. There are thousands of combinations of websites that need connecting. I enjoy sifting through the thousands of terms for which you guys search. Moreover, I am excited that I am building the websites and apps that you are telling me to. I am not taking some guess about what you might want and trying to shove that solution in your face. Instead, I build the solution to your search. As time goes on, and as I listen to your feedback, that solution can only get better.

So please, keep searching! If you want a specific website integrated, you can always contact us at or 888-404-2904. 


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