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Posted on March 24, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Hey Pipers!

We've been busy on some new stuff that we think all of the accountants in the room are going to enjoy. Our team has been busy on a new site called that integrates Stripe and Quickbooks Online. We send over charges as sales receipts, refunds as journel entries, and Stripe fees as expenses. Best of all, we have a great reporting system so you can see what we moved on the specific day! 

We've made this move thanks to the feedback from you guys. Moving charges, fees, and refunds correct to the penny is actually quite hard. A bit harder than Pipethru can handle. So, we created a separate site the handles this specific case in all its accounting glory. 

While our first integration is between Stripe and Quickbooks Online we'll be adding many more payment gateway integrations for your favorite accounting software. If you think we should focus on your favorite payment gateway or accounting software for our next integration, reach out!

So, if you have Stripe and you want it to integrate with Quickbooks Online, head on over to to see what we do! Sign up now for a 7 day trial if you're too excited to even look at the homepage, woo!

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