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Pipedrive is live

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Patrick

Alright sales teams, PipeThru can now integrate with Pipedrive. For those who don't know - Pipedrive is a CRM for sales teams that creates a clear pipeline in Kanban board style. Pipedrive was a joy to work with, as it has an elegant front user interface with a simple and direct API on the back end. 

Here are the triggers we added:

We added the actions:

 Let's dive into a few example pipes that could save you some time:

  1. Automatically create invoices for closed deals - If a deal reaches the "closed" stage in Pipedrive then create a new invoice in Quickbooks, Infusionsoft or Xero that pulls lead information. No more data entry of names, addresses, phone numbers when that hot lead becomes a customer.
  2. Continuously sync contacts - If a "Person" or "Organization" is created in PipeDrive then create a new contact in Infusionsoft, Asana, Aweber, or any of the 40+ applications we connect to. We'll add your new contacts as they are created, checking to see if the person/ customer/ subscriber exists before we do so. (Need to update contacts as they are updated too? Call or email us and we can make it happen.)
  3. Assign leads to your sales team - If a tag is added to a company/ contact in Infusionsoft then create a new deal for a deal owner. This is a very efficient way of sending your sales team new leads. Create a tag in Infusionsoft for each of your sales people, tag your companies appropriately and we will send the company info to the correct user in Pipedrive. ‚Äč

There are plenty of neat things that could be done, so create a free account today and give it a try! If you need something we don't have just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to explore the integration with you.


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