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SugarCRM now supported

Posted on June 17, 2013 by Andy Jones

I am proud to announce our integration with the popular open source Sugar CRM. 

This is the first CRM tool that PipeThru supports. CRM tools organize the information that is important to your business, however CRM tools are not the entire toolbox. As useful as CRM tools are, there are often better tools and websites online tailored toward specific tasks. If you use other websites to send email, organize files, track time, or manange projects, then you can now connect Sugar CRM to those tools and save yourself some sanity. 

The most requested feature is the ability to pipe documents and files that you upload to your Sugar CRM instance. This is a powerful feature that allows you to move your documents where you want them. If you organize using DropBox, you can copy your documents from Sugar CRM into DropBox. A great example is when you upload a document to specific account in Sugar, you can upload that to DropBox in a specific folder for that account. In this way, all your documents for any given account are organized in one folder in DropBox. Since DropBox excels at sharing and synchronizing files, you get to leverage the best abilities of  Sugar CRM and DropBox. 

There are several more uses for our Sugar CRM implementation. You may pipe contacts, leads, tasks, accounts, or any other thing where you need it. You can notify yourself or others when important things are added in Sugar CRM. You can hook up your contacts to your mailing software such as AWeber or Mailchimp so that new contacts are automatically started on an email campaign. The possibilities are huge. 

We work hard to implement what you need. We try to anticipate how people would use our integrations, but we are constantly surprised about the uses our customers need. If you need more out of our Sugar CRM implementation, please contact us at or 888-404-2904. We're happy to help. 

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