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Aweber now available

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Andy Jones

We are proud to announce the availability of AWeber as one of our supported websites.

Aweber rocks email campaigns and reports. From newsletters to customer relationships, many people use AWeber to successfully stay in touch.

We offer both the ability to check when new subscribers are added and the ability to add new subscribers to your lists. You may also check when new lists are added. 

There are a number of uses for this. You can also take action when a new list is created - such as notify yourself via text message to help stay coordinated. The ability to add new subscribers from disparate sources, such as CRM tools like SugarCRM or Infusionsoft adds an enormous amount of flexibility and power. You could even tie in your accounting software, like Quickbooks, Freshbook, or FreeAgent, to stay in touch with the customers you invoice. 

If you have any questions about our AWeber implementation, or need more out of our AWeber implementation, please let us know! You can e-mail us at or call at 888-404-2904. 


Webhooks now implemented

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Andy Jones

We are proud to announce the availability of webhooks with PipeThru!

This unlocks a number of powerful features. If you want to use some API feature that we already implement, say like send a Tweet, or add a contact in SugarCRM, you can do this without having to integrate into these services yourself. We'll handle all the authentication with each website, you only need to tie into our webhook system.

You can both call our webhook if you want to trigger something on our end. Alternatively, we can call your webhook URL when something happens on web app you specify.  

You can call our webhook URL when an important event occurs on your end. We allow you to send us data which you may then use in a pipe. For example, let's say that a new member joins your group and provides a Twitter handle. You could potentially call our webhook URL to add that Twitter handle to a list in Twitter so you can track your member's tweets. 

We can also call you! Since we regularly poll the services that you specify, you need very little running on your own website. We'll notify your webhook URL when any event you specify occurs. Want to know when a file in Dropbox is updated? Want to receive all the details of every contact added in Infusionsoft? Awesome, we'll send them to your webhook URL as a JSON encoded dictionary of information. 

We tried to make the integration dead-simple so that you can get up and running quickly. You can find more documentation at

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us! You can e-mail at or call at 888-404-2904. 

On search strings and keywords

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Andy Jones

I've spent the last week pouring over the search strings and keywords that are used to find PipeThru. A few interesting things pop out at me.

One, the search queries are across the board. There is no one search string that has been generating enormous amounts of traffic. If a couple of keywords were generating lots of traffic, I would drop everything and focus on those. Instead, I see search queries for hundreds of different websites and apps. 

Two, the search queries tend to be of the form "integrate A B" where A and B are any two websites that offer an API. This indicates that people want these services to work together, but don't know what the solutions is. The solution is what I aim to provide at PipeThru. 

Three, the search queries tend to focus on business tools. I categorize the top 3 genres as CRM, project management, and accounting tools. Not in this list is social media. That surprised me. 

All of this together is quite encouraging. There are thousands of combinations of websites that need connecting. I enjoy sifting through the thousands of terms for which you guys search. Moreover, I am excited that I am building the websites and apps that you are telling me to. I am not taking some guess about what you might want and trying to shove that solution in your face. Instead, I build the solution to your search. As time goes on, and as I listen to your feedback, that solution can only get better.

So please, keep searching! If you want a specific website integrated, you can always contact us at or 888-404-2904. 


SugarCRM now supported

Posted on June 17, 2013 by Andy Jones

I am proud to announce our integration with the popular open source Sugar CRM. 

This is the first CRM tool that PipeThru supports. CRM tools organize the information that is important to your business, however CRM tools are not the entire toolbox. As useful as CRM tools are, there are often better tools and websites online tailored toward specific tasks. If you use other websites to send email, organize files, track time, or manange projects, then you can now connect Sugar CRM to those tools and save yourself some sanity. 

The most requested feature is the ability to pipe documents and files that you upload to your Sugar CRM instance. This is a powerful feature that allows you to move your documents where you want them. If you organize using DropBox, you can copy your documents from Sugar CRM into DropBox. A great example is when you upload a document to specific account in Sugar, you can upload that to DropBox in a specific folder for that account. In this way, all your documents for any given account are organized in one folder in DropBox. Since DropBox excels at sharing and synchronizing files, you get to leverage the best abilities of  Sugar CRM and DropBox. 

There are several more uses for our Sugar CRM implementation. You may pipe contacts, leads, tasks, accounts, or any other thing where you need it. You can notify yourself or others when important things are added in Sugar CRM. You can hook up your contacts to your mailing software such as AWeber or Mailchimp so that new contacts are automatically started on an email campaign. The possibilities are huge. 

We work hard to implement what you need. We try to anticipate how people would use our integrations, but we are constantly surprised about the uses our customers need. If you need more out of our Sugar CRM implementation, please contact us at or 888-404-2904. We're happy to help. 

Further Trello FreeAgent and Toggl improvement

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Andy Jones

We've made further enhancements to our Trello, FreeAgent, and Toggl implementations.

With Trello, you now have the ability to pick the specific list for your cards. Originally, each card was simply added to the first list in the board. Now you can specify a specific list. If the list does not exist, we'll even create it for you.

FreeAgent and Toggl implementations have been improved. We've added the ability to add projects and clients for each. In addition, we improved the time entry implementations. If we can not find reasonable values for the project, client, or any other required field, we will use sensible default values.

In addition, we made an improvement to the dashboard that displays all your pipes. You can now name pipes. If you need to create several similar pipes, the name feature will help you keep track of which is which. Or altertively, you can name your pipes simply to suit your own organizational needs. 

If you have any feedback, please feel free to email us at or call 10a-6p EST at 888-404-2904. 

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