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HipChat now supported

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Andy Jones

HipChat is now supported. HipChat is a chat and instant message platform built by the engineers over at Atlassian. The engineers at Atlassian build truly outstanding software. 

I love the possibilities that this integration provides. I see two distinct possibilites: staying up to date and record keeping. 

When I say "staying up to date," this can mean many things. Manager may want to keep up to date on their employees' progress via their favorite project management system. We could provide a digest of all changes to tasks and send that digest to HipChat. Another possibility is when important things occur - like a file is uploaded, or a sale occurs - write a message to some HipChat room to let you know what happened. 

For record keeping, there are two very simple yet powerful applications. The first is a very simple time keeping application. You could connect HipChat to Google Calendar. In this way, anytime you send a message to your own chatroom, we could create a calendar entry on Google Calendar. We could create something like "I started working", or "I contacted an important lead." Alternatively, you could simply connect HipChat with Dropbox and create a text file that contains all messages from your chat room. This history file could be used in any way, by anyone, that you choose. 

Since HipChat is supported on so many platforms, your message will appear where you want them. I absolutely love what these guys are doing. In a sense, they place your messages where you want them. This is completely isomorphic to PipeThru's goal of getting your data where you want it. 

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at or 888-404-2904. We're open to suggestions and love hearing from you guys!

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