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Magic with Trello dates

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Patrick

I've been using Trello as a simple CRM system for PipeThru leads / clients / tickets and it's been working out great. The only issue I had is that I could not integrate it out of the box with my Google Calendar. Hmm, sounded like I could use an integration!

I talked with Andy, our integration wizard, and he was able to add in the "date-due" functionality to all of our Trello Pipes. What does this mean? Now when I add a due date on a Trello card to follow up with a lead or one of our wonderful customers it's automatically piped over to Google Calendar. Thanks to this integration, I have all my due dates in one place and as an added bonus I have the same description pulled from Trello cards into my Google Calendar events.

Create a pipe to test it out and if you haven't used Trello yet, give it a shot (its free!). It's a really neat organization tool loosely fashioned around Kanban boards

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