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Our site PennyPipe

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Patrick Sheegog

Hey Pipers!

We've been busy on some new stuff that we think all of the accountants in the room are going to enjoy. Our team has been busy on a new site called www.PennyPipe.com that integrates Stripe and Quickbooks Online. We send over charges as sales receipts, refunds as journel entries, and Stripe fees as expenses. Best of all, we have a great reporting system so you can see what we moved on the specific day! 

We've made this move thanks to the feedback from you guys. Moving charges, fees, and refunds correct to the penny is actually quite hard. A bit harder than Pipethru can handle. So, we created a separate site the handles this specific case in all its accounting glory. 

While our first integration is between Stripe and Quickbooks Online we'll be adding many more payment gateway integrations for your favorite accounting software. If you think we should focus on your favorite payment gateway or accounting software for our next integration, reach out!

So, if you have Stripe and you want it to integrate with Quickbooks Online, head on over to www.PennyPipe.com to see what we do! Sign up now for a 7 day trial if you're too excited to even look at the homepage, woo!

Pipedrive is live

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Patrick

Alright sales teams, PipeThru can now integrate with Pipedrive. For those who don't know - Pipedrive is a CRM for sales teams that creates a clear pipeline in Kanban board style. Pipedrive was a joy to work with, as it has an elegant front user interface with a simple and direct API on the back end. 

Here are the triggers we added:

We added the actions:

 Let's dive into a few example pipes that could save you some time:

  1. Automatically create invoices for closed deals - If a deal reaches the "closed" stage in Pipedrive then create a new invoice in Quickbooks, Infusionsoft or Xero that pulls lead information. No more data entry of names, addresses, phone numbers when that hot lead becomes a customer.
  2. Continuously sync contacts - If a "Person" or "Organization" is created in PipeDrive then create a new contact in Infusionsoft, Asana, Aweber, or any of the 40+ applications we connect to. We'll add your new contacts as they are created, checking to see if the person/ customer/ subscriber exists before we do so. (Need to update contacts as they are updated too? Call or email us and we can make it happen.)
  3. Assign leads to your sales team - If a tag is added to a company/ contact in Infusionsoft then create a new deal for a deal owner. This is a very efficient way of sending your sales team new leads. Create a tag in Infusionsoft for each of your sales people, tag your companies appropriately and we will send the company info to the correct user in Pipedrive. ‚Äč

There are plenty of neat things that could be done, so create a free account today and give it a try! If you need something we don't have just shoot me an email patrick@pipethru.com and I'll be happy to explore the integration with you.


LiquidPlanner now available

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Patrick

It's been a while, blog, but I assure you it wasn't due to a lack of things to talk about. These past two months we've added four new services and further refined a couple of integrations based on customer feedback. More on that in future blog posts, let's get right to the good stuff: Liquidplanner

LiquidPlanner is a project management software we are quickly growing to love. LiquidPlanner is great at tracking time and tasks and we can link these tasks to specific workspaces, filter by fields such as project name, creator name, hours required, and more. Let's look at a few examples of where we can send all of that juicy time and task data. If you need to integrate Liquidplanner to Quickbooks or Xero we can send all of your logged hours. Also, if you are using JIRA or Redmine to track bugs we can send that task data to LiquidPlanner. If you use multiple project management tools we can send your tasks over from LiquidPlanner to Trello, Agilezen, or Asana. There are loads of neat usability to explore.

If any of this interest you, then create a free account and give it a shot! You can try any of our applications at the free level, we just limit the number of “pipes” you can create. The free level won’t continuously update your 100,000 contacts, but it will give you a sample of what a paid subscription can do :)

Xero available

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Andy Jones

We're happy to announce the availability of Xero!

Xero is an awesome accounting app with a great group of people behind it. The team at Xero has been immensely helpful with setting up our integration, so a special thank you to them!

What can our integration to Xero do? Well, we can currently create invoices, copy invoices and contacts, as well as add a payment to an invoice or send receipts to other applications. In addition, you can add a region to your invoice for tracking purposes and we'll also handle the accounts for you automatically. 

Lets do a run down of what you could use this for. You could copy invoices from Infusionsoft to Xero. If you process credit cards with Stripe you could create an invoice and mark it as paid automatically in Xero. The combination of Quickbooks and Xero is particularly exciting for the numerous receipt, contact, and invoice synchronizations you could execute. You could also copy Xero invoices to Dropbox or get notifications through SMS or email when payments come through. 

If you have any suggestions, additions, or need help, please just let us know! You guys drive what we do at PipeThru. If you can't quite make it happen, please let us know. We'll do our best to connect A and B to save you some time.

Gravity Forms available

Posted on April 4, 2014 by Andy Jones

I'm very happy to announce the availability and support for Gravity Forms within PipeThru.

Gravity Forms is the most popular form module for Wordpress. If you're using forms within your Wordpress site, then chances are that you're using Gravity Forms. With their intuitive interface and powerful form elements, anyone can create a signup form, a survey, lead generation form, planning tool, or anything else imaginable. 

You can now get data from Gravity Forms wherever you'd like it. Move leads generated by your forms into a CRM tool. If you're using Gravity Forms for support tickets, you can automatically add the form submission to your favorite project manager, such as Asana, JIRA, Evernote, or Trello. If you want to follow up with a lead, add the customer automatically to a campaign in MailChimp, Five9, or AWeber. 

This type of automation is very powerful. There are two main benefits here. First, we save countless hours of copy and paste. If you are copying and pasting data from form submissions, consider using PipeThru to save yourself time and headache. Second, we're checking data 24/7/365. Your leads, contacts, customers will get the attention they need promptly. This should lead to increased conversions and happier customers. 

We're happy to make this available, and we'll keep going. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know! I built PipeThru to enable people with technology and I'm happiest when we're doing exactly that. Reach out to us at support@pipethru.com or 888-404-2904. 

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