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Don't know where to begin? Try these out.

If you're connecting business applications like Infusionsoft, Sugar CRM, or Base CRM you can do things like sync contacts, leads, companies, deals, or orders. We can even import form data from apps like Formstack to keep your leads and support tickets flowing into the right place automatically. No need for daily spreadsheet imports!

Trying to keep track of receipts, orders, and invoices in Quickbooks, Xero, or Infusionsoft? Set up pipes that create new orders or invoices automatically. You can select the appropriate account and move data where you need it. We can also accept payments from payment gateways like Stripe and automatically create new receipts as well as isolate fees to the appropriate expense account.

Social Media
Send out messages automatically. One Blog post from your RSS feed can create a tweet as well as a Facebook post, saving your social media strategist valuable time!

Multiple pipes
Try anything above, and make multiple pipes to get your business processes moving smoothly. Pipe 1 creates new receipts from Stripe to Quickbooks whenever a new payment is processed. At the same time, Pipe 2 could create an expense from Stripe's fee in Quickbooks whenever that same payment was made. We automatically create the customer in Quickbooks to make your life easier.

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