• 2 Pipes [?]
  • 100 Transfers / mo [?]
  • 15 minute sync [?]
$19 / month
  • Premium Apps [?]
  • 10 Pipes [?]
  • 4,000 Transfers / mo [?]
  • 15 minute sync [?]
  • Run now! [?]
$49 / month
  • Premium Apps [?]
  • 20 Pipes [?]
  • 20,000 Transfers / mo [?]
  • 5 minute sync [?]
  • Run now! [?]
$99 / month
  • Premium Apps [?]
  • 20+ Pipes [?]
  • 60,000 Transfers / mo [?]
  • 5 minute sync [?]
  • Run now! [?]

Our free account provides 100 transfers per month, 2 pipes, and a 15 minute sync. No premium services are available with the free account. Feel free to create a free account and try us out!

Complete Satisfaction

If you're unhappy - for any reason - please contact us at and we'll either make it right or refund you your most recent month's membership fee.

"Andy and PipeThru have been a god-send for us. We had a perfect system for tracking our time ( and another for invoicing our clients ( but had to manually transfer our time each month. Andy worked his socks off to get a pipe working, saving us countless hours of manual labour. Highly recommend!"
Dan Salmon, Fish Cakes Ltd.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide every app with the free account. The following apps are "premium apps":

Just contact us if you'd like to trial a pipe with Premium apps!

A pipe is a regular data transfer between two (or more) apps. For example if you'd like your Facebook status message automatically appear on Twitter, you can create a pipe from Facebook to Twitter. We'll check Facebook regularly - you may set the sync rate - and automatically make any status message appear as tweets.

A single data transfer occurs when one of your triggers generates data that is then transferred to the receiver. That transfer of data counts as 1 data transfer.

We constantly check your pipes for new data. The sync time is the shortest amount of time between our checks.

You will receive priority support through phone and e-mail. We will resolve any issue you have within 24 hours.

Your input will also count greatly toward the apps we implement. If you need another website or app implemented, we will let you know if we can do it and when.

You will have the ability to run your pipes whenever you would like. If you would like to pause your pipes and only run them once a week, month, or whenever you'd like, you can do this. Or if you have an important piece of data, pipe it over immediately.

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